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We are based in Chard and cover a 30-mile radius. That includes areas such as Axminster, Crewkerne, Ilminster, Lyme Regis, and Taunton. If you live outside of this region, please get in touch anyway and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

If you’re experiencing problems with your window units, it will likely be much cheaper to repair them rather than to replace them entirely. Of course, if the repairs are going to be extremely costly, we may recommend a replacement as a last resort.

Double-glazed units are sealed, and it’s the space between the panes that gives them their insulating properties. If this seal is broken, you may notice condensation building up between the panes. This means they are not working as they should, and we recommend repairing them.

Those tiny keys you use to lock your windows are easy to lose. If you’ve lost your keys or are having any other problems with your handles or locking mechanisms, get in touch. We can source and replace handles to match your existing ones.

General maintenance for window units typically involves cleaning and lubricating the metal mechanisms that help them open and close. We can also remove and reapply the silicone seals around your windows if they have deteriorated over time.

If window mechanisms are not kept clean and well lubricated, they can become stiff. Worse still, if this problem is left unresolved, the damage may become irreparable, requiring a full window replacement.

Yes! Whether you want to change the pattern of your glass or the colour of your frames, we can provide your windows with a full makeover without having to replace the whole unit. This helps you avoid the cost and the environmental impact of ripping out and replacing your windows.

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